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Alpha Pugs

Space Pugs Alpha is the OG collection of Space Pugs.
Utility Metaverse Division The key to Access our Metaverse Division, where you can help to build, work, play and earn from all of the metaverse assets we own. We have many assets in most of the metaverse, if you have an idea, let's work together. Free Access to our platform
Two forms of staking rewards 1. Every staked asset will earn rewards. 2. Bonus staking rewards for all roles mentioned below. Frozen for the whole of 2023 - Stake 25 - Whale - Stake 50 - Alpha Whale - Stake 100 - Supreme Whale - Stake 200 - Double Supreme Whale - Stake 300 - Triple Supreme Whale - Stake your Golden Tennis Ball - Stake your Alpha Special Edition All rewards are paid in our own token $pugchip Assets must be staked to receive rewards. Rewards are paid upfront when you stake. Marketplace​