Space Pugs Wiki 2.0

Full Hands

Created by fusing 2 or 3 Starting Hands
A Full Hand is 2 or 3 starting hands that have been fused together to create a brand-new NFT. Every Full Hand is a custom 1/1, you get to decide exactly how they look, and you can use any of the extras present in your chosen Starting hands. Full Hands must be created using the same project. You need 3 starting hands to create a Straight, Flush, Full House, Straight Flush or Royal Flush. Just 2 to make a Four of a Kind. (2 pairs, must use all 4 suites) Full Houses can be created with any 2 pairs plus an additional card to make three of a kind, or any 2 starting hands with the same face values plus an additional card to make 3 of a kind. Regular Poker rules apply when creating Full Hands. Here is the process, to have your own Full Hand created: Medium article Utility Full access to all of our Poker Games inside our Poker Discord, we are currently using PokerNow until our platform is ready. Currently, we have a minimum of: 2 free tournaments per day. 4 pugchip/Ada buy-in tournaments per day. 24/7 $pugchip cash games. Free Access to our platform once it's ready to use. Beta Testers for Two forms of staking rewards 1. Every staked asset will earn rewards. 2. Bonus staking rewards for all Full Hands All rewards are paid in our own token $pugchip