Space Pugs Wiki 2.0

Starting Hands

The beginning of your Poker Journey with Space Pugs
Full access to all of our Poker Games inside our Poker Discord, we are currently using PokerNow until our platform is ready. Currently, we have a minimum of: 2 free tournaments per day. 4 pugchip/Ada buy-in tournaments per day. 24/7 $pugchip cash games. Free Access to our platform. ready to use. Two forms of staking rewards 1. Every staked asset will earn rewards.
2. Bonus staking rewards for all roles mentioned below. - Stake 5 - Salmon - Stake 10 - Shark (each multiple of 10 earns another share) - Full Hand - Each full hand will earn another share - Poker Club Special Edition - Each one earns a specific amount - All rewards are paid in our own token $pugchip
Access to all of our Poker in our Discord