Space Pugs Wiki 2.0

Zombie Pugs

A collection of gamified Zombie Space Pugs
Gaming Metadata We have added two forms of metadata **(Mystery & Team) **that can be used for games, giveaways and contests.
Mystery Metadata There are numbers from 1-34 in the metadata. 1 x 1 | 2 x 2 | 3 x 3 | 4x4 | all the way to 31 x 31 | then just 1 x 32, 33, 34. This means some numbers are very rare, which will make them more valuable.
We have a lot of plans for this, for now, we will release our first game called Zombie Roulette
Mystery We will be having different games that use the metadata, currently we have daily roulette.
Team Metadata There are 4 teams, each with 125 Zombie Pugs
A Team
B Team
C Team
D Team
We will release the first Team game soon.