Space Pugs Wiki 2.0

Project Summary

Our main focus is to create a Poker platform for the whole Cardano community.
Collections Alpha is the first collection, it was released in April 2022. 5000 Space Pugs Alphas were minted, and a free airdrop of 2500 pugs was given to Pugs holders in May 2022. Alpha Special Editions are 7 custom Special Editions Alpha Pugs. The tip of the spear of all collections.
​Poker Club - Starting Hands was released in July 2022, this collection consists of a 16-project partnership, with all of their PFPs on our cards. Since then we have burned over 2400 starting hands to create over 800 Full Hands, with more being burned and created daily to create a Full Hand. Poker Club was an idea to bring many projects together to create something new in the space.
​Utility Chip was created in July 2022, this collection was given away and also used for prizes in tournaments, contests, auctions and lotteries.
​Poker Club - Full Hands began being created in August 2022, they are created by sending in 2/3 Starting hands from the Poker Club Starting hands collection, they are then burnt, our team will then create a custom Poker Full Hand for you. Full Hand Pass was created to act as a placeholder whilst your Full hand was made, we later switched this to its own collection, which has its own utility, currently 25 pug chips per month through staking.
​Vox was released on November 26th, our Voxel characters will be compatible to use in Unbounded earth, Boss Planet, and any other Voxel metaverse on Cardano. All assets receive 27 pugchips per month. Lucky Charms Were a free airdrop to all Vox holders, they will have utility on our poker platform. Often referred to as Card Protectors. We thought these would be a fun addition to our poker platform. Reactions are a free airdrop to all Vox holders, they will have utility on our poker platform. React instead of typing. Glass was Initially created as gifts for our top holders, and for all team members. We plan to allow members to have any of their Space assets created into a 3D animated NFT.
We are building our own poker platform called Cardano Poker, this is something we are really passionate about, and just can't wait to show you what we have been building.
Key Points Alpha, Vox, Full Hand Pass, Utility Chip, Starting hands, and Full hands earn staking rewards Alpha, Starting hands, Full hands & Special Editions earn Bonus staking rewards. Alpha needed to access our metaverse division channels All rewards are paid in our own token $pugchip All royalties are set to 4%, with all going back to the community through contests, giveaways and tournaments.