Space Pugs Wiki 2.0


The currency to fuel the Space Pugs & Cardano Poker ecosystem
$Pugchip is a native token on the Cardano Block Chain. The primary use for $Pugchip will be to play poker on Cardano Poker, $pugchip will be the only way to play our games. You will also be able to use $puchips to enter giveaways, auctions, lotteries, and fuse Starting hands into Full Hands. I am currently working towards more uses with potential partners. Being able to use our token to mint, enter raffles, and purchase lottery tickets. We will work towards using $pugchips in any metaverse we use too, and will continually work towards adding utility to them.

How and where to get $Pugchips

Poker Tournamants
Contests & Giveways
All collections earn staking rewards, depending on your role, you may be eligible for double staking with Alpha, Starting Hands and Full Hands. When staking you will have 3 choices: 30 days 60 days 90 days
When staking you will earn your Staking rewards straight away, that’s right even if you decide to stake for 90 days, you will receive all of your staking rewards when you begin staking. Bonus rewards are airdropped each month.
Once staked your NFTs will stay in your wallet, you will still see them in your wallet, but you will not be able to move or sell them until you un-stake them once the selected period has ended. Please check Alpha, Poker Club, Vox, Full Hands, Utility Chip and Vox for all staking rewards.
6% of the total supply will be delegated as prizes for our daily tournaments
4% of the total supply will be designated for our contests & giveaways.
You can buy and sell on Muesli Swap, using their order book.