How to stake - Anvil

Basics of our Staking

Staking platform: Anvil Duration: 30, 60 or 90 days Max assets in a single transaction: 50 Staking rewards are claimable immediately in the same tx as staking your assets. Bonus staking rewards are claimable immediately in the same tx as staking your assets.
If using a ledger make sure to keep your transaction under 4 minutes. Otherwise, it could fail and you will have to start again. Staking is non-custodial, meaning you retain custody of your assets after signing the staking contract. Your assets will be locked into a Smart Contract, so you will not be able to sell or move them, most importantly You still retain ownership. You can view your assets in your wallet on There is a small fee taken from Anvil to stake your assets & claim your initial rewards. Plus 3-5 Ada to cover the claim fee + transaction fee, depending on how many assets you stake, this is to simplify the claim process allowing you to claim multiple stakes without having to wait for the first stake to be confirmed on the chain. All Ada returned to you minus Anvils 2.4 Ada fee. This will all be returned to you when you un-stake.

1. Go to this website

2. Connect your wallet

3. Create a new stake

4. Choose assets & staking period, then click Stake, and sign tx.

5. You will receive your rewards right away, in a multi-sig tx, Your staked assets will be viewable, on the main page.

6. When the timer has run out, please click the claim button, this will unlock your assets, and return the Ada that was staked with your assets.