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Hey! My name is Adam Jukes, I am from Blackpool in the UK, currently living in London, I spent my whole life from the age of 17 travelling the world performing in Ice shows such as Disney On Ice, Holiday On Ice, Dancing On Ice, I've performed on board Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines plus many many other shows. At 37 I switched to Inline Figure Skates for a new challenge, taking part in Britains, Romania and Poland's Got Talent, making it to the Semi-Finals too.
The highlights of my career were performing for Cirque Du Soleil at the World famous Chicago Theatre in Chicago and Maddison Square Garden in New York as the Headlining Act. I was very lucky to do something I loved for my whole life, I am also a Certified PT, and Figure Skating Coach, both of which I have used IRL and online during the pandemic.
I have always loved taking risks which led me into Poker, I have played for over 20 years, and the highlight was winning 7 tournaments in a row once in a real Casino. It feels fitting that I am about to embark on creating the First real CNFT Poker Project.
I first started looking into Crypto in December 2022, watching countless videos and reading up on as much as possible, I started looking into CNFTs. I studied which were the top projects, picked up some BCRC to begin with plus a few others to start my adventure. After a few months I joined the Space Pugs as a mod to help out, When one of the founders left right after mint I stepped up to be a partner. Since then I have worked on the project full-time. I am really excited to release our very own poker platform very soon. Links Twitter: Youtube: Instagram:


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Wassup. I´m Danny and have been a CNFT degen since October 2021 with some time on other chains prior. I joined the Space Pugs team pre-Alpha mint, working closely with the founders and community to shape and manifest the project. I currently lead the development of the Cardano poker platform, bringing my 14 years of experience in website and software development to the table.


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Mark is a Full-stack developer, who runs his own web development agency in the Netherlands, focusing on custom-built solutions. In early 2022, he joined the Cardano ecosystem to work on ccvault (now Eternl wallet). For the Poker Platform, he focuses on the Cardano integration and front-end coding, to bring the best Poker experience to Space Pugs members and the entire Cardano ecosystem.